a nation of intolerance and selfishness

We are becoming a nation of intolerance and selfishness. From the top-down, we call for violence and disobedience to resolve differences not only within our borders but off-shore as well.

The recent violence in Charlottesville, VA claims the life of one and numerous injuries. People came to hate and hate they did. They came with weapons, bats, clubs, shields all in the name of hate and propensity to do harm to others. They didn’t come, as they claim, in peace and understanding to discuss issues. They came to conquer.

They came in force to show their supremacy over others, that God has made them superior to the rest, the few they are, small in mind and order. They came to conquer not to reason. I feel a sense of barbarism returning to embrace mankind once again.

Just watching in horror, the brutality of ISIS against their brother, another group with the sense of superiority, killing others in their name and for what purpose?

I fear, we as humans, are on the brink of destroying mankind. Recently with North Korea, two hot-heads delivering messages of doom against each other. They know the next war might be the last war, destroying mankind as we know it, and for what purpose? Each side believing their superiority is supreme over the other. This childish notion will destroy us all.

Just last night, Friday, August 18, 2017, four police officers in Florida are shot, point-blank, killing one in Kissimmee and the other clinging to life in that city; two police officers in Jacksonville shot as well. Senseless!

I fear we are destroying ourselves because of our selfishness and the disrespect we show for each other and the authorities. We are becoming a world of ME, ME, ME! Completely failing to show respect for others, disregarding the rights of others where we must come before another. Why?

Another Terrorist killing of innocent people in Spain yesterday—what are we to believe? Where are we safe? We are becoming paranoid, living in a state of paranoia because of fear—fear that we may be next. Fear that our freedom may be taken away from us, that our democracy will fail because the law and order that keeps our democracy together will fail us, crumble.

It starts from the top-down. It seems our leaders are having difficulty keeping the calm. Our peace is more fragile now than ever.The words used by our leaders are not helping us to live with peace and calm in our society. They use words of war, fear, and lack of caution.

Most of us are followers, not leaders. We want to be led, to prosper under our leadership. We will follow them into hell if we were convinced we would be safe there. The burden is on our leaders to lead us to prosperity, not doom. If they want doom, they must go there by themselves, because we shall not follow them.

I feel a sense of instability, civil disorder, on the horizon when people will rise up against our leaders and demand a leadership change now, not later. We can’t afford to wait for time to pass, we demand the current leadership vacate their posts and allow more stable and level-headed leaders to replace them, not only in America, this is a Global problem!

I fear for us, I fear for my children, your children, and our grandchildren. What will we be leaving them if we take no forward action now? No, I’m not suggesting a riot, I am suggesting that we begin to move forward in our thinking to stop the national and international destruction of civilization and mankind.

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Countries of this world are at odds with each other; fighting against each other is rampant; the leading nation of the free world is in turmoil with internal political fighting and in disarray.

Where is civility, truth, justice, peace of mind, honor, truth?

If the leading country of our free world is in disarray and heading towards anarchy, where is the trust, the truth for others of our world to follow?

Anarchy reigns! Distrust is rampant!

We cannot allow this to happen in our modern world culture. As the human race, we are smarter than this to allow anarchy to reign.

I am frightened for my grandchildren.

What will they witness as inherent to their culture? Where is their democracy if it is failing now?

What will be the world order of the future?

I affirm democracy, as we have known it in the United States of America, is dead unless we assume control in Washington and halt the anarchy that appears to be gathering strength in our country and potentially a disruptive of world order and peace to mankind.

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Humans do strange things; bringing their personal problems and irritations to work is one of them!

We bring our personal problems to work because we haven’t learned to do otherwise.

If we only:
• Learned how to manage our problems
• Learned to resolve issues at home
• Learned how NOT to let our home problems become distractions at work
• Learned to become better listeners
Wouldn’t we be better employees because of it?

Since we don’t have the tools to help ourselves, wouldn’t it be beneficial for employers:
• Afford us the opportunity to develop these skills?
• Provide us an avenue to learn new skills?
• Demonstrate that they care about their workers?

Results for employers is:
• Increase their bottom line
• Reduce turnover
• Demonstrate compassion for their workers
• Reduce Sick Days
• Develop happy employees

Developing an environment, providing the tools, show care and understanding of employees’ issues, include the venue and workshops to assist them with their personal issues will increase the work environment and improve the overall income for the business. They will have the tools necessary to help themselves not bring their problems to work.

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ATTENTION: Human Resource Department

Fight back against negative employees who bring their negative lifestyle and disruptive opinions to work. Interfere before they get to their workstation by giving them the tools they need to work with before they get to their workstation.

But, you are not a policeman, you may not notice bad behavior in order to intervene. Unless you’re trained to notice bad behavior and have the ability to intervene, you won’t.

Bad or negative behavior will slip by you and into their workstation. It is here, at the workstation, where bad tempers and poor work ethics will be manifested—out of your control, ultimately having a negative effect on production, not to mention the goodwill of your company.

Of course, it’s not your business as to why employees bring negative attitudes to work. But, they do, every day.

What you care about is the positive pulse of your organization, and you want that pulse to continue. But, you also know how negative employees will influence another worker who may be on the fence between reality and fantasy.

Those same negative employees may have a negative effect on your clients as well.

You can’t actually police every interaction between employees or employees with clients, but you can take steps to influence your employees, the one who brings negativism to the workplace and the ones on the fence, too.

You can give them the tools they need to fight their negativism and bring positive values to themselves, ultimately bringing a positive attitude and work ethics into your business.

How will you do that? Easily, with the Survivor Power Tool Kit and Motivational Power Tools Workshop.

Working in small peer groups, participants will discuss each Power Tool that will affect their lives with others in the group, from which they will chisel a result from each tool that fits with them.

Once given the tools, each one will recognize the personal issues that are holding them back and apply the tool of choice to resolve that issue, they will then come to work with a more favorable mindset that will manifest itself in higher and more positive production.

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            By Nicholas R. De Stefano

NEW YORK — When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wanted to crack down on leaks last week, he collected his aides’ cell phones to check for communication with reporters. The crackdown quickly leaked. As reported in MSN news today, Tuesday, February 28, 2017, as reported by DAVID BAUDER and JONATHAN LEMIRE, Associated Press

What is this BULLY DICTATOR in the White House doing to Democracy in our country?

He is clamping down on freedom of speech, controlling our movements, building up of our military, making enemies of our allies, and building walls of containment.

Exactly what is his bully, Mr. Trump up to?

To me, it seems our freedom as we know it, is over!

We no longer can feel free to express ourselves as usual.

Mr. Trump is becoming a Dictator! Is this what we, the people of freedom want in our United States of America?

If these actions are not curtailed, I see the United States of America as a lone aggressor and friend to no Allies! I see other nations looking to crack down on our arrogance to the world. I see a third world war on the horizon!

In the halls of Congress, I want to hear shouts instead of whispers to Impeachment! I want to hear the Representatives of the people of these United States stand up to this President and say Enough is enough, that we the people of the United States have enough of tampering with our freedom!

We want to rid ourselves of this BULLY in the WHITE HOUSE and take charge of our destiny with a new leader, not a bully, in the white House.

We deserve BETTER! And demand BETTER!

Like this outdated photo, Trump needs to go! He belongs to history, not in this

modern era.

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When I was in the Army, I was taught how to empty, store, clean and shoot my weapons.

I became a Sharpshooter in the Army because I enjoyed the art and practice of shooting.

One feels the awesome power of shooting a weapon and becomes very familiar with the weapon and the consequences of using a weapon. The larger the weapon the more destruction one will inflict.

Why must we think of destruction when discussing weapons? What else are they used for, if not destruction?

Target shooting comes to mind because of the skills necessary to hit the Bullseye; Breathing for one; keeping the target in the sights, another; a soft and steady squeeze of the trigger does it.

A good shooter knows not to pull the trigger, rather a steady squeeze does the trick. Pulling the trigger will cause a reflex motion altering the trajectory of the bullet, likely missing the target.

Another use of a weapon is sports hunting, a very challenging sport.

• How many gun owners know and realize the damage their weapons will cause?

• How many gun owners know the proper use and storage of their weapons?

• How many children have been killed because of an improperly stored gun?


How many gun owners will use their weapons for target shooting? I wonder if an AK-47 style rifle is good for target shooting; why else would a person own one?

Knowing why you want to purchase and use a weapon is paramount in making that decision. An AK-47 style weapon has only one purpose and that is to KILL! If one is not on the battlefield, why would a person own one of these destructive weapons?

Besides sports hunting and target shooting, why else would we want to own a weapon? Some sight an awareness in violence as a need to protect themselves. Some sight the Second Amendment to our Constitution as giving us the right to bear arms.

However, because we have a right to own weapons, is this a good enough reason to own one? Some say yes, others say no, some have no opinion. What do you think?
Owning a weapon is a carefully considered responsibility not to be made in haste. Because there is violence somewhere, or a perceived violence, ought not to be the rationale for a perceived threat to us or our family and the reason to own a weapon.

There are many reasons hatched to own a weapon, and fear is one of them.

We live in a very safe environment. Should we require protection we have the numerous police agencies to call to our aid. They are professionals, trained to care for our needs and handle dangerous situations. Are you?

There are numerous documented cases where one who had a weapon for protection and had that weapon used to harm the owner of that weapon, by an assailant.

Having a weapon for self-protection, and not being convinced that if attached you could actually shoot or stab someone, it is foolhardy to carry such a weapon. It may be the cause of your death!

Before one purchases a weapon, one ought to answer the following question.

Can you in good conscience kill another person?

I mean, actually, think about killing someone and then carry out the act? Isn’t that what one does by carrying a weapon for self-protection?

GUNS kill!

They can also help build responsibility and help increase one’s confidence!

By being aware of the dangers in the use of a weapon, and how to properly store a weapon is paramount to ownership and use of a weapon.

Do we really need to arm ourselves in a society such as ours?

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By Nicholas R. De Stefano

Dateline: Washington, DC

From his bully pulpit, President Donald J. Trump begins to live up to his campaign

Promises, by decrees!

Mr. Trump recently signs an Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the United

States of America, a country proud of its Immigrant Status, causing an uproar in the world.

The United States is a culmination of Immigrants from all over the world. How is it that

we pompously decree the denial of entry to Her Shores by what appears to be a BULLY in the

Oval Office?

It took the courage of a Federal Judge, the Honorable James Robart, to halt the

enforcement of this decree claiming the order violates the Constitution of the United States of


Not only did the Order cause confusion and dismay within our governing agencies, it

caused the same from around the world including demonstrations against this decree. It appears

forethought had not a place in this decision.

Furthermore, it appears Mr. Trump may not have read the Constitution of the United

States. Regardless, he clearly intends not to follow the Constitution as evidenced by his behavior.

Moreover, aren’t the American People franchised with a president of all the people? It

would seem by Mr. Trumps’ behavior so far, that the American people have not.

Must we, the American people, stand by while our President insults our allies? Must we

accept our President to argue openly with an international friend for the world to hear, with one

of our strongest allies and supporters, and without prior confrontation as evidence?

Recently, we have heard allies of the United States begin to speak of the United States in

the Past Tense.  It sounds like our allies, if not openly distancing themselves from our Bully

President, see the United States as not being of such sound judgement today, as in the past.

Is it possible the United States, in just two short weeks, is beginning to unravel all

the good it has acquired from around the world, that has taken so many generations to build?

I hear uprising in motion, not only within our shores, but from around the world as well.

I sense others around the world are feeling less secure in their hamlets today because the

President of the United States is acting as a Bully, not of sound judgment as one would expect

from the President of all the people, the President of the Free World, the President of the United

States of America.

Where is the World Leader of the mightiest nation on earth?

Is it not reasonable to expect sound judgement with adequate research and forethought

from our President of the United States before implementing confrontational objectives?

As with all bullies, their intention is to demand from you what is best for them.

Bullies care not of your thoughts or rights, but for theirs only. It seems to me, no care or,

very little care has been given to the fallout from the citizens of these United States of America

or from the people around the world when a demand is pronounced from the Oval Office.

One may say they care about your welfare, but when one’s actions contradict one’s

statement, it is time for change! What shall we expect next to further erode our esteem?

What more shall we endure before there is a major uprising in our country?

What more shall we endure before our Constitution is trampled upon?

What more shall we endure before we lose respect in the world?

What more shall we endure before we act to remove this bully from office?


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