Effective Sales Presentation

Ponder if you will the concept that you truly believe in the work you do. You believe you offer benefits and services that will enhance the value of those who accept them.

• You are proficient in what you do.
• You are knowledgeable and professional in your career.
• You understand your competition and their products.
• You value and appreciate those around you.
• You care about performance excellence for your customers.
• You are positive and creative.

Undoubtedly, you want to tell everyone you meet just how they could benefit from using your goods or services. And, you want to demonstrate to everyone that you are a professional salesperson with valuable products that will benefit them and their family.

I am sure one who declares himself/herself a professional and competent salesperson would want to demonstrate to everyone exactly and clearly who they are and what they do! You want to help others. Courageously, you move forward giving your message to all that will listen. But, and there is a “but”, it is not about you, it is ALL about them!

No matter how well you present yourself, product or service, you may not be heard. Studies have shown that you have twenty seconds to get someone’s attention. If they do not see in their mind’s eye the picture you are creating, they will mentally turn you off-there is nothing in your presentation for them! No matter how good your services are unknowingly, you have failed to address the listeners’ issues and desires.

Example: I recently asked a client what his main recruiting problem was in his business. His answer was “Finding qualified candidates”. After further discussion, I discovered that he was telling candidates how great his business was and, that he had great products to sell. He assumed all candidates were interested in his success but he failed to get their attention; they turned him out. They were waiting for “What’s in this for me?” He did not ask, they did not tell! He never addressed the candidates’ concerns or motivation.

Until you discover the wants and needs of your audience and how you will benefit them, they will not hear your message? Will they experience your genuine concern for them? Address their issues and they will listen and hear what you have to say and respond favorably.

I can help you get more business using a customized effective sales presentation that will work best for you, GUARANTEED! Call me and increase your revenue NOW!

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About Business Services of Tampa Bay, LLC

I specialize in Increasing Performance and Increasing Profits for my clients by focusing on Personal and Organizational development all with a 100% guarantee! I have thirty years experience in International Business in Management, Marketing, Importing, Distribution and, manufacturing of consumer products. Discover how I may assist your business!
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