Is President Obama Really Santa Clause with his Elves in the US Congress?

I have awakened many mornings since dollar gifts were given away and found nothing like a “stimulus package” in my house that would benefit me and my family! Where are you Santa? It’s OK to pretend, but don’t forget I will get older and develop a “new reality from which to choose”! 1.

It is folly to think that our tax dollars given away to major industries will support us and improve the lives of the workers of this nation. Have we been given huge bonuses for our failed decisions? Why not?

We all have heard the rhetoric of how important it is to keep a large institution from failing, and we might even agree with some of the logic. No one wants failure, but the reality is that some do make major errors and fail! Why should large corporations, whose executives make huge errors, not be allowed to falter and stumble? Isn’t that the way we all learn and develop: by making mistakes and correcting them?

It would be folly to think that our economy is stronger right now because of the stimulus gift. It is folly to think that our housing industry is dynamic and growing steadily because of it, too. It is folly to think that our auto industry is thriving and gasoline prices plummeting, as well. Have these beliefs not been the backbone of our existing economic model?

By allowing our world economy to adjust itself, without the imposed interference of a “stimulus package,” would we not build real strength for making future (better) decisions? Paying someone for his mistakes only teaches him to make more mistakes and that it’s OK, because we will bail him out, no matter what. How responsible is that? How long could we possibly shore-up the faltering who fail to learn to make better choices?

Spending good money to pay for bad choices puts us in debt for a very long time and sends the wrong message to corporate leaders. It sets a precedent that will be hard to overcome in the future.

Has Chrysler learned or corrected its ways since its first stimulus deal?

We need to direct our resources where they will have the greatest impact on our economy: directly into the hands of the consumer! It is they, consumers, who make or break this economy! Not corporate America.

Exactly what is a corporation? Is it not a FICTICIOUS person set up to protect itself from creditors in the event of failure? What happened to accountability? And where is accountability when we allow selfish Ponzi-scheming predators to ply their vicious trade on the trusting and unsuspecting citizenry?

Our thinking in this country needs to change from protection to support! Allow the ones who make the errors to pay for their errors. If they are to fall, let them fall! Falling may temporarily demand changes and restrictions upon our economy, but so what? We will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start running again while our wounds heal! We will survive and learn from our mistakes! This is America and this is our strength!

Instead of fattening the wallets of undeserving business executives who have no remorse and no plans to be responsible or compensate us for their bad choices, we ought to “stimulate” our economy by providing men and women opportunities to earn a living in this country of ours.

It is the multiplying effect of a dollar earned that drives our economy, not the giving of money to self-serving corporate executives. It is what we, the workers of America, receive in trade that satisfies us and stimulates us to work harder and proudly reward ourselves with more.

Yes, this is exactly what corporate America does, too, but should a worker fail, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and, move forward without the benefit of a “stimulus package” to support us and protect us from the consequences of our failures.

I am suggesting a simple model to ponder as a workable solution to our plight.

Provide funds to build public roads, bridges, parks, and public housing. Provide funds to re-build inner cities and downtown areas. Provide funds to rebuild old factories in our cities, turning them into apartment buildings and/or condos (urban housing development).

Provide funds to build and maintain excellent public transportation systems to halt the exodus from our cities to the suburbs. That effort alone will reduce the consumption of our precious resources and make land use more efficient. Stimulating the development of ideas that conserve our natural resources is responsible, as well. We should fund projects that will discover alternative and inexpensive sources of energy for our economy. This is our responsibility to our citizens!

The money earned by our workers employed to work on these projects will have a multiplying effect on our economy. With our workers buying goods and services for themselves, others are benefiting, as well, and they, in turn, repeat the process.

Building or remodeling a home stimulates our economy in many ways. Consider: when a plumber installs a toilet, he spends money with the business that built the toilet; the transportation company that moved the toilet from factory, to the distribution channels, to installation; the marketing people involved in moving that brand of toilet from factory to installation. And each of these endeavors, in turn, uses money to pay their workers, and on, and on.

Now, what about the electricity, carpentry, plastering, appliances, trash removal, city services, and other essentials? The monies earned by the workers providing these necessities will have a continuing multiplying effect on our economy. The process is repeated.

Yes, we need to repair our broken monetary system, which is partly to blame for our faltering economy. By “repairing,” I do not mean stimulating bad choices. I mean educating our leaders with what is right for America, not what is good for the lining of favored pockets!

Reconstructing our cities, building new roads and improving old ones, providing excellent transportation systems for our citizenry, all will pay off handsomely for our economy. Mr. President, please provide the funds that will allow our people to work for the success of and show their pride in our economy and country!

There is no fantasy with this stimulus package!

OK, Santa. Deliver!

By: Nicholas R. De Stefano

Leadership Development

1. “Who Sleeps In Your Skin?” by Nicholas R. De Stefano, ©2009, S & B Publishing. .

I realize this writing is incomplete with regards to a full understanding of what my suggested model would be. My intentions is create awareness to a different thought on the subject of a stimulus package.


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