What is the sound of courage?

Could it be the sound of that door opening before you that you presumed would always be closed to you?

Is it the sound of someone saying to you, when can you start to work for us?

Could it be the sound of silence where nothing in this world matters to you but tranquility?

Could it be the sound of fluttering pages from your new book that you thought you could never write?

Or perhaps courage has no sound at all.

However, would you agree with me that without courage you can never accomplish what you desire in life?

Our creator has given us eleven Survivor Power Tools to navigate through life’s challenges.

The first Survivor Power Tool is the power tool of choice.
You alone must decide your path to destiny, no one else! No one else shall share in your choices to destiny. This, you must navigate alone! Intuitively, this is your complete responsibility shared by you alone! The choices in life are yours exclusively.

The second Survivor Power Tool the power tool of visualization.
How fortunate we are that we can see in our mind’s eye the exact person we want to be-the choices we want to assume. We clearly see this mental picture of ourselves as we want ourselves to be-powerful! We can see ourselves creatively living our life as we intend our life to be without outside interferences. We have the power to be whatever we desire by simply cleansing our murky past and visualizing ourselves in that space and time without past negative influences.

The third Survivor Power Tool the power tool of Affirmations.
We see ourselves achieving our successes by positive affirmations in the present as if we actually were in the future. By seeing our future in the present, we are the person in the future-we are experiencing the future NOW.

The forth Survivor Power Tool the power tool of Positive Reinforcement.
By reinforcing the positives about yourself, this tool will help you to shed self doubt that that interferes with your visualization and navigation. It is not enough to know that you perform well at specific tasks-you must reaffirm your performances in a positive way that will support yourself.

The fifth Survivor Power Tool the power tool of change.
Most people fear change. I see change as a challenge-a challenge to learn new things-an opportunity to be creative, get involved in something different-take exciting chances. Change is an opportunity to share with mankind that which you have not shared before. Change as a power tool is empowering and very exciting.

The sixth Survivor Power Tool the power tool Self-Trust.
We must trust in ourselves-our desires, our thoughts, our plans, our future, our objectives. We must realize that we are unique in this world-that we share our thoughts and realizations with no one. We are as unique as the universe-How empowering is that?

The seventh Survivor Power Tool the power tool of Goal Setting.
Because of our vision, we have the ability to choose our direction in life. By setting objectives for ourselves, overcoming the obstacles in our way and, ultimately reaching those objectives-we exemplify the power tool of goal setting.

The eighth Survivor Power Tool the power tool is commitment.
Without commitment to yourself and your peers, there is no accountability towards your future. Like a ship without a compass, a ship will flounder; going in circles, never reaching its destination-it has no purpose. A firm commitment is imperative for you to reach your destiny and enjoy the life that you have chosen.

The ninth Survivor Power Tool the power tool of Self Discipline.
Intuitively we understand that we must ‘go it alone’. Ultimately, there is no one who will hold our hand, guide us through the dark places, or be with us in our most desperate need. As we are so uniquely created, we must accept that we are whole and self serving. WE NEED NO ONE. We can and will fend for ourselves, make our own decisions, plan for our future, live the life that we choose!

The tenth Survivor Power Tool is the power tool of Discovery.
As we navigate life’s opportunities, we are forever in the process of learning new and beautiful things. Opportunities present themselves so that we may delight in the new and different challenges ahead so that we may discover perhaps better and more efficient ways to live our life to the fullest.

The final Survivor Power Tool is the power tool of courage.
Simply, with the use of this power tool of courage you will effectively use the other survivor power tools leading to a life of choice filled with all your dreams to share with mankind. You will learn to fly solo.

So, what is your sound for courage?

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