Your Inner Child

We have all heard about “the inner child.” The problem is “What is the inner child’s motivation and how do you channel the energy or focus on this child?” Author Nicholas (Nick) R. De Stefano uses his personal experiences to write a book that ensures us we all have more than one thing in common.

Experiences past, present and future empower, exhilarate and even frustrate us into making decisions that may not always be the best. Faced with many of life’s personal conflicts Nick shares how his personal confidence gave him the strength not only to carry-on, but to start his own business, writes a book and mentor others.

Nick tells us he is by no means a “risk taker,” but like many of us a careful analytic. Nick shares how he used his education, sense of responsibility to self and family, ethics, strong desire to succeed and entrepreneurship as an empowering force to drive himself forward.

Failure? Yes, failure can be a powerful tool as well! Failure teaches us lessons and assists us to learn new ways of thinking, thereby, enabling us to develop new habits and a sense of direction. Nick walks the reader through exercises helping them to translate the message to their own lives and experiences. These interpretations are used as the reader continues a journey navigating the river of one’s own destiny in life.

We instinctively know our destiny, but we often choose to ignore it because we do not want to take charge. To navigate the river of life, Nick introduces “11 Survival Power Tools,” facilitating each reader’s journey and offering support with this new reality.

Nick goes on to share how reliving the past and freeing ourselves from negative experiences can truly make a difference. This new found self-confidence is clearly seen by others and persuades them to aid you in your journey to succeed in whatever you do.

Nicholas R. De Stefano has a BSBA from Bryant University with a major in Management, a minor in Economics and attended Providence College in the production engineering MBA program.

With keen business acumen, Nick possesses an intuitive mechanical aptitude as well. Experiences include over 45 years in Marketing including: Sales to both wholesale and retail establishments and, direct business to business sales, Distribution, print Advertising and, Sales Management.

As a business owner exceeding 27 years Nick gives exceptional attention to details, crucial in crystallizing one’s thoughts in planning and implementation of goals and objectives.

Visit Nick on the web at, or e-mail him at

Book: Who Sleeps In Your Skin?
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