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Personal and Organizational Development

As an entrepreneur, it is you who make or break your business. There is no one else to give directions, make decisions, take on the challenges; you must decide for yourself what success is and plan to be or reach that level of success. In doing so, a journey is created with certain outcomes although the paths taken may vary and may require change along the way!
As the mighty river navigates towards its destiny, one must be as certain as the current of the river’s flow.
Decidedly, as an entrepreneur one must find the courage and the wisdom to foil all attempts by meaningful others to prevent success. One must be crystallized in their thinking and be steadfast in their decision and not be swayed by what others’ may think. Decisions ought to be made after careful research and understanding of the subject matter relative to desired objectives.
Murky waters must be cleansed and crystallized less our decisions become the same.
As an entrepreneur what I fear most is a future without challenges or perhaps more importantly a fear of not creating those new challenges.
We must continuously stimulate our thinking and be challenged to grow our business with purpose.
I have purpose to share with others ideas that have worked for me and to simplify the process of understanding one’s self so that others may learn to share their understanding of success with mankind.

Nicholas R. De Stefano
re broker/Business Broker

About Business Services of Tampa Bay, LLC

I specialize in Increasing Performance and Increasing Profits for my clients by focusing on Personal and Organizational development all with a 100% guarantee! I have thirty years experience in International Business in Management, Marketing, Importing, Distribution and, manufacturing of consumer products. Discover how I may assist your business!
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