Nicholas DeStefano • If you as a leader are planning on transforming your organization or company, what would your first step be?

Your question did not specify the size of the company. So, I chose to make an assumption for my answer.

This is an outline of my suggestion. Ask, if you require a complete thought and process:

Assuming that this a company with many employees, and one has an idea of where they want change to lead them, I would first start with the hypothesis of why you must change and where this change will lead your company and decide if this is exactly where you want to be. By exploring the various scenarios to reaching your objective you will uncover several things that will become apparent including:
1. Not everyone in your organization will agree that change is necessary. Given the reality that people resist change, what must be done to assist and facilitate those changes in your employees that is necessary to accomplish your objective? Systems must be in place prior to execution to assure as smooth a transition as possible and to allow for each person to buy into this change, keeping in mind that we do not all move at the same pace.
2. With that in mind, I would suggest a matrix be prepared utilizing time and costs analysis tables to combat your first obstacle (employees’ resistance) within the parameters that you have chosen. This is not a simple design especially if you have a large corporation. Execution must be carefully orchestrated to accomplish your objectives where everyone involved will feel like a winner. Essentially, they will resist (that is human nature) and you may need to guide and coach them with their resistance.
3. It is my suggestion to lead your employees to experience the road to change as an exciting opportunity where they will be rewarded in the end when the objective is reached. You cannot control people but, you can manage them. I would suggest time be spent on finding out more about each employee and what motivates them so you can manage them and coach them to meet your objective.

NOTE: This question was asked by Mashesh Rao.

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