Are your subordinates following your directives?

A leader must lead, precisely:

1. Is the author’s directive clear and precise and in writing?
2. Is it clear and precise to the recipients?
a. Often a directive is clear to the author but received differently by the recipients. Care must be taken to clearly and accurately convey your message leaving no doubt as to its meaning or intent.
b. What has one meaning to you may mean something very different to the recipients.
• Does the staff have the desire, ability and knowledge to complete the assignment? If not, is it reasonable to ask them to complete the assignment? Has a completion time been assigned to the objective?
• Is it reasonable, obtainable and quantifiable? Is it something that can be measured in time or money?
3. How well do you know your staff? Have each taken a Profile Evaluation the results of which you have reviewed with them? A Profile Evaluation reveals an individual’s:
• Personality traits
• Clear basis for comparison to other staff members
• Offers a basis for future training of the staff members
• Offers managers insight in how to manage subordinates

In conclusion, a leader must know his/her subordinates’ desires, abilities and motivation in order to lead them to complete assignments that have clearly been directed and have been given in writing with a reasonable expectation for a successful completion.

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