Why do we practice Call Reluctance?

Clearly as sales representatives we recognize the need to be in front of others to deliver our message and make that sale! We truly believe that our product or service is of value to our customers and will benefit them greatly. Yet, we hesitate to contact our prospect.

So, why is it that we hesitate to contact our prospect and tell them the good news that we must share with them? Why do we hesitate to demonstrate the value of our product or service to our prospect? Why do we hold-back from making that presentation, the telephone call or knock on the door to our prospects chamber?

Could it be because of FEAR, or more specifically the fear of REJECTION?

I know of no one who likes rejection. Rejection hurts. It can be humiliating and downgrading.

As we allow this fear of rejection to take over our lives, we may suffer respectability and financially because of it. We allow a FEAR to control our lives and income. How stupid is that?

I believe that if we reason with the WHY of rejection we will see that it is not WE who was rejected rather we were made the recipient of some other action-an action of which we have no immediate understanding. Yet it is our reaction to this perceived rejection that keeps us from making that very important next call. Hum!

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