If one starts a business to MAKE MONEY they will fail! PERIOD! Why? Because the main focus or purpose for being in business is a selfish one and, should that thought process prevail, there is no reason for someone to do business with you.

Ask yourself this question; “Why should someone do business with you?” Difficult to answer isn’t it?

If you are in business to take my money I am not interested in that. If you will provide a service or a product to me that will add value to my life, I will pay what you ask. Not quite the same thought process wouldn’t you agree?

Of course in the process of continuing to offer value to your customers you must include your entire operations and employees. They must buy into that principle and of course that requires good management-good communications and showing value to employees and customers.

And, don’t forget the economic impact your business has on the community.

Being a business owner or CEO, executive requires one to wear a crown of compassion but not one of selfishness

About Business Services of Tampa Bay, LLC

I specialize in Increasing Performance and Increasing Profits for my clients by focusing on Personal and Organizational development all with a 100% guarantee! I have thirty years experience in International Business in Management, Marketing, Importing, Distribution and, manufacturing of consumer products. Discover how I may assist your business!
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