What Santa Means to Me!

Santa means many different things to many people depending on the culture in which one was raised-if that is a good choice of words RAISED.

 Especially here in America we are all immigrants or descendants of Immigrants (except of course for the only true Americans, the native Indians who inhabited this land before our Ancestors arrived).

 And, with these immigrants came the many cultures of their native land.

As we are progressing in time our cultures are integrating nicely as the American culture yet each culture maintains those cherished values of their homeland so special to them especially at this time of the year.

Santa Clause-so where did he come from and why might he be so special so magical?

Santa Clause came to us as a Christian Saint Nicholas whose origin is in Europe at the time of the first settlers. (1)

 Over time he has morphed into what we deem Santa Clause magically streaming from roof top to roof top riding a sleigh filled with toys for all girls and boys and drawn by Reindeer flying through the night’s sky on Christmas eve to magically go down a chimney of each home of each and every child to deliver that very special gift to them. WOW! How magical is all of that?

 Do I hear Santa on my roof? Is it time for him to come? 

 If I am awake I will not see him, if I am asleep I will not see him. What do I do?

 What I know is that in the morning my present will be under my tree-regardless! How Magical is that?

 And how is it that he remembers all those girls and boys especially that very special gift that they want and will cherish?

 It is the magic of this season and all that is cherished that Santa means to me!







  1. Please see this link for a complete text on the origin of Santa Clause: http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/origin-of-santa/

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