The Wisdom of Gifting Yourself Good Health

Health is something we all take for granted every now and then. Thinking that our body does heal itself, we push it to its limits while unaware of doing so. When we don’t feel anything, we rely on our bodies to do magic, adjust and recuperate on its own whether or not there’s something going on inside. But is this really how we should treat our bodies?


Everyday our vision is just mostly fixated on what’s obvious that requires our energy and attention– work to report to, school to attend, or business to run. You toil and toil till the end of the day, every week, every month, for the entire year.


Definitely you do get tired and need to take a break, but do you? This is when it all starts – your health starts crumbling down. You only notice when you start feeling something, worse if you didn’t feel anything then suddenly an emergency happens.


Learning the Hard Way


Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer in August 2010. He sought medical attention for his throat and ear pain but nothing appeared to be wrong until a few months later.3


When his tumor was found out, he was already in stage IV cancer. In his interviews, he admitted that it was probably caused by a lifetime of smoking and drinking and he believed that it was brought about more by stress. 4 By early 2011, he announced that he’s cancer-free.


Definitely Michael Douglas had in his fingertips the access to the best medical care he can get. But probably he also neglected having his regular doctor consultation that’s why only when he was feeling pain that he realized something is no longer right with his health.


Alcohol- and cigarette-abuse are not just common in celebrities but it goes for the rest of us. Those two types of substance abuse fall under the wing of bad habits. All of us have one or two bad habits we know of but we don’t do anything to change it.


It’s most unfortunate if we let bad habits get the better of our health, more so if you don’t have the money to pay for medications. Hence, it’s best to be proactive with health check-ups.


Don’t think of the short-term costs but instead look forward to the long-term benefits of having a healthy body. As the good old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So don’t wait till you feel something’s wrong in your body, act now to take care of your health.


Celebrities as Health Models


Taking select Hollywood celebrities as role models in keeping healthy could help us develop a more positive outlook toward our own bodies. You may be skeptic but some of them do offer examples of helpful healthy perspectives and practices.


Tyra Banks has been addressing the fallacies of a “normal” body. She is endeavoring for people to realize that celebrities are not-so-different than the rest of us when they’re not strategically posing or working out to achieve a certain body figure for a film role.1


Hollywood stars are also human beings just like all of us. They also have their own down times such battling with their weight or self-image. They also trip in the pitfalls of self-destructive path that’s very common in Hollywood.


To make a comeback and break free of the pitfalls on unhealthy habits, it must begin with the mind. In addition, the decisions we make and our attitude towards our body and lifestyle affects the health of our body.1


We have to accept our bodies for what they are and live with it. We have to understand that the decisions we take whether good or bad will affect the bodies we were born with.1 We should act towards making and maintaining it healthy rather than sculpturing it to be like some other’s body.


Jennifer Aniston has diverted the lots of pressure and stress from break-up with her husband to yoga. It helped her relieve stress and even depression.


Yoga doesn’t have to be necessary for everyone. You can also try out other forms of exercise. You can freely explore and choose which type of exercise suits you. Channel your negative energies thru exercise. It can work wonders as it did for Jennifer Aniston.


Humanitarian Celebrity


Good health enabled celebrities to devote themselves for good causes. During the World War I, Jackie Coogan and other members of the theatrical profession were prompted to donate their unwanted clothes to refugees of the Armenian Genocide through an American philanthropic organization Near East Relief (NER). 2


Having seen that celebrities are effective endorsers for mobilizing the public towards humanitarian causes, NER asked for Jackie Coogan to be enlisted as part of fundraising strategies. His father granted approval saying that he wanted Jackie to bring home with him the realization of the common duty of all mankind to one another.


He spearheaded the “Children’s Crusade” throughout the U.S. to raise a million dollar of foodstuffs through appealing to the children of America so they can send it to the destitute children of the Near East. Jackie Coogan was awarded and decorated for his advocacy and humanitarian works and the rest was history.


A celebrity like him used his image not to endorse having good looks and a perfect body but instead driven the American public to contribute and share for good causes.











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