What is the Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Deep within lies a burning desire to be an individual, a leader of others, not to be a follower but to challenge all that is known to mankind and create that which has not been created before to enhance our world and be noticed and, to be rewarded for our creativity and caring.

I really think the key ingredients for Entrepreneurs are creativity followed by determination, self-assuredness with superior confidence in one’s self and the willingness to pay any reasonable price to succeed. The desire to make a difference in whatever field of challenge is paramount as well.

To an Entrepreneur “impossible” does not exist! To an Entrepreneur “impossible” is simply a matter of time-a challenge to overcome-a hill to climb and conquer. For the entrepreneur, “impossible” spells reward when accomplished.

Entrepreneurs do not give up. They accept the challenges before them and are creative in their decision making and design.

Entrepreneurs often find it lonely at the top. They discover there is no one there to hold their hand in times of concern, no one there to guide them to the next step, no one there to applaud them for their accomplishments.

They are steadfast in their decisions, not to quiver or waver.

There is an artist within us all; for some it has yet to be discovered. The Entrepreneur continues to discover the many talents that lie within and creatively musters the courage to use that creativity to benefit mankind.

This artist is very creative-doesn’t matter the genre, doesn’t matter the discipline, doesn’t matter the field of endeavor rather, what matters is the desire to create and share with mankind, to establish his footprint for all eternity to observe and reap the rewards of his creativity.

Entrepreneurs are masters at creating the illusions! They are masters at single mindedness. They are masters in determination. They are masters at creating something from nothing to better serve mankind!

Entrepreneurs ask advice of mentors but the decisions they make are theirs alone. They research, and educate themselves as well. They weigh the facts with masterful determination to create their path!

The decisions Entrepreneurs make are theirs alone!

They are masters of self!

About Business Services of Tampa Bay, LLC

I specialize in Increasing Performance and Increasing Profits for my clients by focusing on Personal and Organizational development all with a 100% guarantee! I have thirty years experience in International Business in Management, Marketing, Importing, Distribution and, manufacturing of consumer products. Discover how I may assist your business!
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