Cold calling for a purpose!

Shouldn’t there be a reason to make a cold call whether in person or on the phone? Must it be a real purpose designed not to offend the recipient of your offer? Or does it really matter?

I think the purpose of the cold call should be validated in your opening twelve seconds as to the benefit the person called upon will receive from your invitation and perhaps you interrupting their day.

Why will they do business with you?

If you can answer that question and relay the answer to them in the first twelve seconds of conversation, you have not interrupted their day you have added value to their day!

So, is cold calling dead?

Depends on your intention and message, doesn’t it?

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2 Responses to Cold calling for a purpose!

  1. We recently hired a cold calling service firm. They took a phone list and called c-suite individuals about our business to gain interest in meeting with us. When I heard the recordings of their calls I was appauled. Within seconds they had moved from who we were to what the executives problems were and had the person revealing details and specifics about their problem. Amazing! I could never do it, though I have sold millions a year in services for decades. Cold calling is just that, cold. But if you get right to it within those 12 seconds it can work.

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