“Is an Abundance of Prosperity, Metaphorical?”

In reference to reading my book “Who Sleeps In Your Skin”? In where I suggest one may experience an abundance of prosperity, a friend asked me the following question “Is an Abundance of Prosperity, metaphorical?”

Not at all, I exclaimed!

Most people think of material things like a house or a car or, money (Material things) of which I am not embracing, as a measure of prosperity.

What I talk about in my book is the good one feels inside-a spiritual affect if you will, experiencing something of a higher value than material that can be shared with all mankind and appreciated for what it is and once shared one may interpret for themselves the meaning of an abundance of prosperity.

In times of perceived loss one may ask, what happened to my abundance of prosperity? Your answer ought to be; I still have it in tack and share it willingly with those who would see value and feel rewarded by it. How could that be when you have lost so much, one may ask?

An example; one may be experiencing a financial set-back or misfortune and consider that they are losing their prosperity. Quite the contrary!

Since one never considers money as a measurement of prosperity, they have lost nothing. But, it is what the money allowed them to experience in life that is considered an abundance of prosperity.

One may have a business, traveled extensively, and met many beautiful people in the world with whom he interacted and shared-THAT EXPERIENCE is prosperity!

My life is filled with many appreciable experiences of abundance, many shared with others that I have found prosperous by adding value to my life and theirs.

I think for one to fully understand this concept, one must void their thoughts of all things material and concentrate on all that you have or experienced in life that you treasure-all that you can measure in some way other than material! Think of what you have experienced and feel the appreciation for and measure that as prosperity the accumulation of which is the abundance of prosperity.

These are precious things that you can share with others and add value to their lives and you give up nothing! Quite the opposite occurs-you will add more prosperity to your life by sharing with mankind!

However, one cannot experience an abundance of prosperity unless one frees themselves from the shackles of the past that are holding and keeping themselves from moving forward in life to truly become the self-actualized person that they want to be.

Give it a try. And, please share your experiences with us.

NOTE: This article was inspired by a close friend who is questioning the concept of an abundance of prosperity.

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