Helping those in need will result in a humbling experience for you!

I want to take a moment and thank AARP and the Salvation Army for the opportunity for me to recently serve those in need through the Salvation Army office in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Although this was a temporary assignment with the Salvation Army while an employee had and recovered from an operation, I must profess that this assignment to assist those in need was the most humbling and rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my life!

Having experienced an unfortunate decline in wealth myself, I truly understand how some people may become financially dependent on strangers for financial support or needing food support even for a short time.

It has been a humbling experience and personally rewarding for me to be a small part of this chain of assistance for those in need.

Recognizing that those in need would prefer not to be IN NEED, I witnessed most people to be humble and appreciative of the assistance they could get from the Salvation Army and other area supportive groups. I also witnessed that most people did not demand assistance but rather humbly accepted what assistance they could receive. I also witnessed that most if not all people accepted responsibility for their current situation and blamed no one for it.

I assisted homeless people, those in transition, local residents’ temporarily needing financial assistance and, those in a job or other financial transitional period of their lives.

This humbling experience has been an eye-opener for me and has left me feeling that I have had the experience of a life time to be able to know and assist those in need!

This has been the most humbling and rewarding experience that I have ever had!

It will last me a life time!

I urge all of you to find an organization serving those in need and volunteer a little of your time and experience something personal and humbling in value!

Then, share your experience with the world and ask others to share and experience what you have discovered!

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