When I was in the Army, I was taught how to empty, store, clean and shoot my weapons.

I became a Sharpshooter in the Army because I enjoyed the art and practice of shooting.

One feels the awesome power of shooting a weapon and becomes very familiar with the weapon and the consequences of using a weapon. The larger the weapon the more destruction one will inflict.

Why must we think of destruction when discussing weapons? What else are they used for, if not destruction?

Target shooting comes to mind because of the skills necessary to hit the Bullseye; Breathing for one; keeping the target in the sights, another; a soft and steady squeeze of the trigger does it.

A good shooter knows not to pull the trigger, rather a steady squeeze does the trick. Pulling the trigger will cause a reflex motion altering the trajectory of the bullet, likely missing the target.

Another use of a weapon is sports hunting, a very challenging sport.

• How many gun owners know and realize the damage their weapons will cause?

• How many gun owners know the proper use and storage of their weapons?

• How many children have been killed because of an improperly stored gun?


How many gun owners will use their weapons for target shooting? I wonder if an AK-47 style rifle is good for target shooting; why else would a person own one?

Knowing why you want to purchase and use a weapon is paramount in making that decision. An AK-47 style weapon has only one purpose and that is to KILL! If one is not on the battlefield, why would a person own one of these destructive weapons?

Besides sports hunting and target shooting, why else would we want to own a weapon? Some sight an awareness in violence as a need to protect themselves. Some sight the Second Amendment to our Constitution as giving us the right to bear arms.

However, because we have a right to own weapons, is this a good enough reason to own one? Some say yes, others say no, some have no opinion. What do you think?
Owning a weapon is a carefully considered responsibility not to be made in haste. Because there is violence somewhere, or a perceived violence, ought not to be the rationale for a perceived threat to us or our family and the reason to own a weapon.

There are many reasons hatched to own a weapon, and fear is one of them.

We live in a very safe environment. Should we require protection we have the numerous police agencies to call to our aid. They are professionals, trained to care for our needs and handle dangerous situations. Are you?

There are numerous documented cases where one who had a weapon for protection and had that weapon used to harm the owner of that weapon, by an assailant.

Having a weapon for self-protection, and not being convinced that if attached you could actually shoot or stab someone, it is foolhardy to carry such a weapon. It may be the cause of your death!

Before one purchases a weapon, one ought to answer the following question.

Can you in good conscience kill another person?

I mean, actually, think about killing someone and then carry out the act? Isn’t that what one does by carrying a weapon for self-protection?

GUNS kill!

They can also help build responsibility and help increase one’s confidence!

By being aware of the dangers in the use of a weapon, and how to properly store a weapon is paramount to ownership and use of a weapon.

Do we really need to arm ourselves in a society such as ours?

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