Countries of this world are at odds with each other; fighting against each other is rampant; the leading nation of the free world is in turmoil with internal political fighting and in disarray.

Where is civility, truth, justice, peace of mind, honor, truth?

If the leading country of our free world is in disarray and heading towards anarchy, where is the trust, the truth for others of our world to follow?

Anarchy reigns! Distrust is rampant!

We cannot allow this to happen in our modern world culture. As the human race, we are smarter than this to allow anarchy to reign.

I am frightened for my grandchildren.

What will they witness as inherent to their culture? Where is their democracy if it is failing now?

What will be the world order of the future?

I affirm democracy, as we have known it in the United States of America, is dead unless we assume control in Washington and halt the anarchy that appears to be gathering strength in our country and potentially a disruptive of world order and peace to mankind.

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