a nation of intolerance and selfishness

We are becoming a nation of intolerance and selfishness. From the top-down, we call for violence and disobedience to resolve differences not only within our borders but off-shore as well.

The recent violence in Charlottesville, VA claims the life of one and numerous injuries. People came to hate and hate they did. They came with weapons, bats, clubs, shields all in the name of hate and propensity to do harm to others. They didn’t come, as they claim, in peace and understanding to discuss issues. They came to conquer.

They came in force to show their supremacy over others, that God has made them superior to the rest, the few they are, small in mind and order. They came to conquer not to reason. I feel a sense of barbarism returning to embrace mankind once again.

Just watching in horror, the brutality of ISIS against their brother, another group with the sense of superiority, killing others in their name and for what purpose?

I fear, we as humans, are on the brink of destroying mankind. Recently with North Korea, two hot-heads delivering messages of doom against each other. They know the next war might be the last war, destroying mankind as we know it, and for what purpose? Each side believing their superiority is supreme over the other. This childish notion will destroy us all.

Just last night, Friday, August 18, 2017, four police officers in Florida are shot, point-blank, killing one in Kissimmee and the other clinging to life in that city; two police officers in Jacksonville shot as well. Senseless!

I fear we are destroying ourselves because of our selfishness and the disrespect we show for each other and the authorities. We are becoming a world of ME, ME, ME! Completely failing to show respect for others, disregarding the rights of others where we must come before another. Why?

Another Terrorist killing of innocent people in Spain yesterday—what are we to believe? Where are we safe? We are becoming paranoid, living in a state of paranoia because of fear—fear that we may be next. Fear that our freedom may be taken away from us, that our democracy will fail because the law and order that keeps our democracy together will fail us, crumble.

It starts from the top-down. It seems our leaders are having difficulty keeping the calm. Our peace is more fragile now than ever.The words used by our leaders are not helping us to live with peace and calm in our society. They use words of war, fear, and lack of caution.

Most of us are followers, not leaders. We want to be led, to prosper under our leadership. We will follow them into hell if we were convinced we would be safe there. The burden is on our leaders to lead us to prosperity, not doom. If they want doom, they must go there by themselves, because we shall not follow them.

I feel a sense of instability, civil disorder, on the horizon when people will rise up against our leaders and demand a leadership change now, not later. We can’t afford to wait for time to pass, we demand the current leadership vacate their posts and allow more stable and level-headed leaders to replace them, not only in America, this is a Global problem!

I fear for us, I fear for my children, your children, and our grandchildren. What will we be leaving them if we take no forward action now? No, I’m not suggesting a riot, I am suggesting that we begin to move forward in our thinking to stop the national and international destruction of civilization and mankind.

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