By Nicholas R. De Stefano

Dateline: Washington, DC

From his bully pulpit, President Donald J. Trump begins to live up to his campaign

Promises, by decrees!

Mr. Trump recently signs an Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the United

States of America, a country proud of its Immigrant Status, causing an uproar in the world.

The United States is a culmination of Immigrants from all over the world. How is it that

we pompously decree the denial of entry to Her Shores by what appears to be a BULLY in the

Oval Office?

It took the courage of a Federal Judge, the Honorable James Robart, to halt the

enforcement of this decree claiming the order violates the Constitution of the United States of


Not only did the Order cause confusion and dismay within our governing agencies, it

caused the same from around the world including demonstrations against this decree. It appears

forethought had not a place in this decision.

Furthermore, it appears Mr. Trump may not have read the Constitution of the United

States. Regardless, he clearly intends not to follow the Constitution as evidenced by his behavior.

Moreover, aren’t the American People franchised with a president of all the people? It

would seem by Mr. Trumps’ behavior so far, that the American people have not.

Must we, the American people, stand by while our President insults our allies? Must we

accept our President to argue openly with an international friend for the world to hear, with one

of our strongest allies and supporters, and without prior confrontation as evidence?

Recently, we have heard allies of the United States begin to speak of the United States in

the Past Tense.  It sounds like our allies, if not openly distancing themselves from our Bully

President, see the United States as not being of such sound judgement today, as in the past.

Is it possible the United States, in just two short weeks, is beginning to unravel all

the good it has acquired from around the world, that has taken so many generations to build?

I hear uprising in motion, not only within our shores, but from around the world as well.

I sense others around the world are feeling less secure in their hamlets today because the

President of the United States is acting as a Bully, not of sound judgment as one would expect

from the President of all the people, the President of the Free World, the President of the United

States of America.

Where is the World Leader of the mightiest nation on earth?

Is it not reasonable to expect sound judgement with adequate research and forethought

from our President of the United States before implementing confrontational objectives?

As with all bullies, their intention is to demand from you what is best for them.

Bullies care not of your thoughts or rights, but for theirs only. It seems to me, no care or,

very little care has been given to the fallout from the citizens of these United States of America

or from the people around the world when a demand is pronounced from the Oval Office.

One may say they care about your welfare, but when one’s actions contradict one’s

statement, it is time for change! What shall we expect next to further erode our esteem?

What more shall we endure before there is a major uprising in our country?

What more shall we endure before our Constitution is trampled upon?

What more shall we endure before we lose respect in the world?

What more shall we endure before we act to remove this bully from office?


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Keep family close, keep your enemies closer!

I take these words literally to mean; to help protect my family, it is important for me to understand my enemies and their intentions, their values, and their motives.

Building walls between us will only serve to antagonize those
on the other side of the barricade!

I am an immigrant!

Well, second generation of immigrant grandparents on both parents’ side.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, my grandparents made their way from Italy to the shores of this wonderful land of ours, the United States of America.

They were treated poorly by some, welcomed by others. Maybe that too, is the American way.

Sure, as a child I felt some were against me because of my ancestry but, they never built a wall or destroyed any bridge between us! We are in the land of opportunity, not a war-torn culture.

We are a nation of immigrants—how poorly shall we treat others who are like us? We’re like family—how poorly shall we treat our family?

We live together under the best banner ever yet, at times we forget to keep our enemies a little closer in order to study them but, moreover, for them to see us as well.

Let them see who we are, we as a nation, what we stand for, see and hear our values! They and we, shall see that we are very much alike. We all bleed the same, smile the same, feel happy or sad the same. Our values are the same: we all want what is best for our children.

Building walls will keep those who want to know what it is like to live under this banner from ever knowing who we are.

Does our flag stand for Isolationism—no it doesn’t! It stands for freedom! Building blockades will only serve to build anger against us as the isolationism grows!

Are walls FREEDOM, JUSTICE or the AMERICAN WAY? You know in your heart, it is not!

Why barricade ourselves from our future?

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Nurture me, your gift from God

To become a powerful liberator of mankind

Guide me not by your desires or failures

Rather, look into me and see who I am

Look into me and hear my thoughts


Look into me and see my ideals

To be motivated by what you have created

An independent, intelligent, autonomous leader of mankind

Encourage me to reach the level of importance in life that I wish

And not be swayed by your passions or desires, but by mine


Guide me patiently

To become an affable adolescent

Where I may favor mankind

To grow and benefit others


Do not corrupt me by your wisdom

With your passions of despair

Do not interfere with my core principles, rather

Allow me to morph into the life I am destined to assume

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Nick De Stefano has been a friend and mentor to me for many years.

Nick is passionate about his desire to share his knowledge and experience about business that he has amassed over a lifetime of the practical application of the principles.

He is dogged in his efforts to teach good business principles so that others might avoid the pitfalls that await anyone who sets out to start a business without the knowledge that they need to succeed.

His written word and videos are stepping stones designed to make it easier to get where you are going and keep your feet dry on the journey.

I wish him well in his noble mission to help others!

Jim Webb

Tampa, Florida

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With the astounding victorious achievement of President elect Donald Trump, in the US National Election this past November, 2016, comes a growing concern for the people in our country who feel less-than in their daily lives!

Some may feel cheated, disenfranchised or simply forgotten by the government of the United States. Some farmers who feel the weight of toil for so little fear, the government has let them down. Factory workers who have lost their jobs feel angry because they feel their jobs were taken from them by a foreign worker in another country such as China.

These people all feel our government has let them down and, along comes mister Trump fueling their angst and promising them what they imagine will satisfy their hunger and desires for a better life. The government of the United States, up till now, hasn’t provided for them they feel but, mister Trump will he said and, they believed him. But, do they have trust in him this morning?

Mr. Trump already appears to be noncommittal in many of his campaign promises reversing on things such as, building a partial fence instead of that huge wall he promised everyone with the assurance Mexico would pay for it.

And, his promise to deport all illegal immigrants? Well, he has changed his mind on that too. Now he claims to deport only criminal immigrants.

Oh, what about Crooked Hillary? Well, she now seems less than a criminal and he will not pursue any legal action against her?

If you voted for Mr. Trump, are you feeling let down? His he a man of his word in your mind right now?

Mr. Trump is a person, regardless of his business acumen, who, in my opinion cannot be trusted to keep his word. He uses words to get what he wants, he doesn’t mean to keep them.

How can we trust him in the Oval Office?
Will our Allies, who already have their doubts about his trustworthiness, be confident in negotiations in matters of Global importance with this man?

At this point, and it’s only been less than one week since voting day, can we believe anything he says? About the rhetoric during the campaign? Well, if it hasn’t occurred to you yet, he was telling the large list of voters exactly what he knew they wanted to here.

Now that he’s been elected? Well, all of that rhetoric goes out the window; he didn’t mean one word of it. He fished us in and hooked us all.

His campaigning was all a well-choreographed act and well-orchestrated to get your vote. He’s a terrific salesman and we bought it all!

If we stop looking for others to solve our problems, if we take charge of ourselves and be more responsible for our actions, we will rid ourselves of self-righteousness and, with a growing confidence in ourselves, we will rid ourselves of the arrogance we display while relying on others to do for us what we can do for ourselves.

If we continue, as a populous with our arrogance and self-righteousness, we will lead ourselves into the hands of some despot or an autocrat who will destroy us and our country.

We must maintain our democracy by strengthening and reinforcing our convictions in ourselves and be more responsible for ourselves and our actions. We ought to be more autonomous and self-assured in our dealings with ourselves and show the world we are a self-actualized society, strong and independent as our forefathers were and who envisioned the same for us and our future society.

I believe in being responsible with our autonomy and confident in ourselves to thwart the attempt by a despot or autocrat to take us over.

Strength in ourselves is what they fear the most because, if we have fear in ourselves they have the fuel to make us burn!

Self-confidence, pride in ourselves, the willingness to stand up for ourselves and, strength from within is what we need for continued growth in ourselves and our democracy! Let’s rid ourselves of our self-destructive arrogance and self-righteousness so the world will see us as before, a strong friend they can count on.

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It was a dark and stormy night, of course
Heavy rain, strong winds
Threatening destruction
A storm I could not have imagined
Threatening my existence

I search for something to combat the danger
I am alone with nothing but tangible matter,
A stranger to me
How do I fight such an impending force?
Such an intruding peril

Quickly searching
No solution apparent
My mind quickly engages the present
What choices for survival, this peril?

Without tangible evidence
I thrust myself into Super Mode
To defend my treasures to the death
Of no thought that death will occur

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A strange experience is about to happen

A never before encounter

Eighteen minds confused but, bright

Sitting still as they may in fright

Waiting for the next chapter to fall into their hands


Chapter after chapter

They listen with intent

As the creator of those prose sounds out in fright

Trying to convey in an intelligent tone

An audible sound offering the prose


Listening with the difficulty I have

Trying to make sense of the sounds

Ditch is spoken but I,

I hear bitch in the air


Chapter after chapter I listen intently

Not a word that matters to me

Not a sound coming for me to hear

I must admit, I hear no one has spoken

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We are born to be free!

What happens, we’re pressured to conform to what other’s think we should be, follow their rules, not the rules of nature.

Our freedom depends on how well we BEHAVE, that is to follow the orders of our superiors, our handlers and dance to the beat of their drum.

What happened to individuality, free spirit, creativity?

We are not allowed to be free, to show our uniqueness, our strengths or, to express our desires. We are taught to conform, follow the rules. This happens when we turn about three, when our handlers think we are old enough to comply with their demands. We are no longer the free spirits as we were born! We must change our behavior and, conform, they demand from us.

Prior to age three, we are free to express ourselves, demonstrate our uniqueness!

We as children learn to express ourselves, find pleasure playing with a bottle cap, learn to walk, jump, try to talk, all the FUN things to do while celebrating LIFE and our freedom.

For nine months, we are trapped in the womb then, we discover freedom only to be trapped again!

Then one day, our world comes crashing down around us because some handler demands that we give up our individuality and conform to their way of thinking, to behave in the manner they perceive for us, follow their rules!

Rebel, we must! Take back our freedom!

It’s time to return to our days of yesteryear! Rise up! Let’s bring back the fun in our lives, recreate the atmosphere in which we were free, allow our spirits to roam, demonstrate our individuality and, allow our uniqueness to be shared with mankind!

Have you watched a kitten develop? When a kitten is born, the mother cat does not restrict the newborn. The kitten is allowed its freedom unless it happens upon danger, at which time mother cat intervenes and returns the kitten to a safe haven.

In time, as the kitten grows, it develops while exploring its world, expressing its uniqueness while sharing with the rest of its family. The kitten grows and shares his knowledge with other cats to be repeated.

Observing nature, we may take from nature and learn to be more playful and less demanding, not to interfere with our individuality and expression of who we are!

We will learn to be free and great again!

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Who Sleeps in Your Skin?

 Have you ever considered that perhaps you are not yourself? You are not whom you think you are?

By this I mean, have you ever considered all the messages you’ve received while you were growing up that you simply couldn’t understand? Subliminal messages that you could not realize? How about all the messages you’ve received from your parents, teachers, athletic coaches, your preacher or Priest, conscious and un-conscious or, subliminal messages that have negatively impacted your behavior, today?

And, subliminal messages continue today because you are not aware of them nor do you know how to turn them off or reject them. You continue to receive new messages that reinforce those messages from long ago that plague your consciousness today.

You behave in a certain manner and struggle to know why! Conflicts abound as you struggle to understand your own behavior and, confusion sets in.

Consider, all the people in your life who have given you demands to perform in a certain way or, to behave in a certain manner. These behaviors are contrast to what you would like for yourself. Perhaps you’re not aware of the conflicts that have risen up within you because these interferences that have been placed upon you by others, all below your conscious level.


Or, you may not have considered any of this at all.


And, you continue in life struggling to understand the many conflicts that rise up each day and you pretend to know the reasons why but, these conflicts continue because you do not have the true answers to these conflicts. You continue to be confused but not aware enough to investigate as to the reason why you are confused and maybe suffering.

I would like you to give consideration to the fact that you have simply accepted as fact or true the messages given to you over time. You weren’t old enough in thought to challenge these messages or, more likely, you were not aware of these messages or the effect they have had on your behavior. Is this what is referred to as faith, the blind acceptance of a doctrine or ideal not fully understood?

You’ve been going along in life feeling a bit distressed but have given no thought as to why. Or, perhaps you have given a false answer to a conflict because you simply do not have the true reason for the conflict. You struggle to find an answer to your conflict but, because you have accepted these messages as true, you have no bases for challenging the reason for your conflicts.

A time must come for you to challenge what you have accepted as true! Remove the confusion in your life so that you may see a clear future for yourself on the horizon.

When that time comes for you, you will give thought to hose subliminal messages and challenge their truthfulness for you, today. When you challenge those messages, using the standards for yourself today, the meaning of those messages will have a different effect for you. You will decide which messages to discard and which to keep.

When you decide to change your behavior and, change your thinking processes, only then will you allow yourself to look at your future with an increased desire to empower yourself with positive self-actualization. You will then experience the freedom from the constraints of those subliminal messages and move forward in your life, positively and courageously.

You must summon the courage from within you to challenge these messages, see them in today’s light, decide what to keep and what not to keep. You will free yourself to be the person you wish to be and make the decisions for you consciously and positively then, you will have empowered yourself with the power and courage to be whom you want to be!



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An enhancing victory

I got a call from someone I apparently met at a networking event, asking if I’d be interested in an exchange of services. He said he was a Harvard Journalist on call, an accomplished writer and self-published author…would I agree to meet with him?

He offered: in exchange for his writing in my blog, I would agree to provide a link back to his website. Didn’t sound so terrible. The prospect peeked my curiosity so I agreed to meet with this person and get the details.

In my mind, I thought this meeting could be great for me because I have been struggling with writing my latest book and it would be a good idea to make friends with someone so accomplished.

What crossed my mind was, if this person is so successful, why is he contacting me? I am small potatoes and could hardly offer him a good acknowledgement.

When he approached me, I was immediately struck by his unkemptness; he needed a hair-cut and clean cloths. The shirt he wore looked like it hadn’t been washed for a long time with its shirt collar curled at the fold. It looked very dirty to me. Was he as well?

Immediately, I was taken aback, thinking that this person was successful?

I believe success comes from within, not something determined by what others think success is for another. But, when one has reached a point of success in their mind, usually it follows that a good appearance would reflect how one thinks of himself. At least, that has been my experience, one always wants to make a good impression.

The next thing I noticed about him was his insincerity. He asked me a question and, without listening to my reply, he bound right into what he was going to do for me, that he would make me successful, for a price of course. WOW, all this from someone I’ve just met who knows nothing about me or my accomplishments nor did he think that I may consider myself successful.

When I asked why he thought I was not successful, he pointed to a comment I made about not having sold the number of books that I would like to have sold. His assumption was, I am not successful. His assumptions of me didn’t stop there, however.

I felt he was being very unprofessional in his dialog, not ever asking me what I thought of his ideas.

He ranted on about how successful he was, that he has helped so many others and, how I needed his services to make me successful. He finally got around to how he could help me with my new book. He didn’t ask about specifics about the book, only that he will make me very successful.

While flipping through the pages of my three books that I brought along to discuss with him, he tells me there is no content in these books, they won’t sell. He may be right but, I thought it would be best to at least read through the books first, before making any comment about them.

I am beginning to feel a con coming.

He would make me successful he said, by writing my book collaboratively with me and in conjunction with his marketing. WOW, I was to be so impressed with this offer that I was to jump at the opportunity to pay him ten-thousand dollars to help me!

All the time this person talked, not once did he make eye contact with me. As he talked, I noticed he not just glanced his gaze past me rather, he looked past me completely.

My experience tells me that if someone will not look you in the eye as they are speaking to you, do not trust them.

Trusting my instincts; I do not trust this person! How could I even think to pay this person ten-thousand dollars to help me write my new book? Was this the con or, was there more to come?

Thinking I am about to get ripped-off, I chose to end this conversation telling him that I didn’t trust someone who made such accusations or assertions of one’s success and, without taking the time to know more about that other person or his limitations and aspirations.

I left the conversation convinced I had just witnessed a potential con upon myself!

Always trust your instincts!

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