Whether you are a business owner, a representative of a business or, a worker in a corporate venue, chances are you think you have competition.

You’re likely to think I’m crazy when I tell you that the competition you think you have is between your ears. That’s right! The competition you think you have is just that, a thought, an idea planted there by someone or something, yourself for that matter; a process or a duplication from what other’s may have said and, to conform, you agree.

I am here to tell you that you absolutely have no competition in whatever it is that you do. As a business owner, corporate colleague or, a representative of a business, you have no competition!

Or, as a US Olympic athlete:

Did Matthew Centrowitz have competition in the Men’s 1500?

Did Michael Phelps have competition in the water?

Did Simone Biles have competition in gymnastics?

As you ponder: how can that be, no competition? You go on to say, there are so many competitors in my field, that it’s impossible not to have competition.


Well, the answer lies within you! The answer to competition lies within your belief system.

You think it quite normal to have competition! But, if I tell you it’s normal NOT to have competition, what would you say to me? Be nice!

You have been raised to believe competition rules the world.

It’s because of competition that our economy thrives; isn’t that what you believe? Isn’t that what you’ve been told? Of course it is. I believed that for quite some time as well, until that day!

It was that day that I faced a menace, a danger that I needed to overcome in order to survive. I felt as if I had no choice but to survive but how, in the face of all this competition?

I found the answer. The answer is within me.

It is that answer I am going to share with you.

But first, let me tell you a short story.

I had been fired from fourteen jobs in less than twelve years. Yes, fourteen jobs!

I was going through a divorce, not much money in my pocket and a much deflated ego. I had just been told my present job was being terminated because the distributor of major appliances I was working for was going out-of-business.

And, the day before this happened, I bought a new car, with car payments.

WOW! What do I do now?

I had always wanted to be in business for myself—actually, I was in business for myself when I was a shoe-shine boy about twelve years of age. But, this was different. This was real! But, how do I just go into business?

I have a degree in business and a major in management with a minor in economics. Is that enough to go into business as an adult? What did I know about business? At age twelve, it didn’t matter—I had moxie!

As an adult, was moxie enough to go into business? I didn’t know but, I do have courage and courage is what I needed!

With very little money I did the easiest thing there was for me to do and that was buy and sell costume jewelry to retail stores. I continued to buy and sell until I got very good at it—buy low and sell as high as I could.

This went on for a few years until I reached the doors of the big time. When I had to go head-to-head with the big boys I realized there was no way for me to compete with them.

I reached the summit of my career only to be confronted with a decision that would change my career and my philosophy regarding competition, forever.

Courage was no longer enough! I needed to do something, and quickly! There was no way for me to retreat! I had a taste of entrepreneurship and I loved that taste! I wasn’t going back!

What to do? How could I stay in business after coming this far and meeting the big boys? Failure appeared certain but, I couldn’t allow that to happen.

And, it did not happen!

I continued to grow and operate my business until I sold my business after twenty-seven years and never had a competitor. I had over seven-hundred customers when I sold my business. Yes, my customers bought from the big boys too.

What I sold is what I will share with you, now.

I realized there was no way I could possibly compete with these big boys especially, on their terms. I could not compete with these million-dollar companies because I had no money to compete with them.

I operated my business with Vendor Capitalization.

It took a little thinking for me to realize that first, I was not one of them, the big boys.

I was a little business in a big world but, there was room for me if I didn’t try to be competitive but, just be me! I realized that what I had to offer the big boys didn’t have and, that was me!

No, this is not about inflated ego! This is about reality! I could only do what I could do and, that was not try and compete with the big boys.

I studied the big boys and learned from them. I decided to offer our customers something the big boys didn’t have but, the customers wanted.

My realization was that I needed to be me and provide to my customers what they wanted in the way that I could provide.

That concept, while so simple, became so big. It worked extremely well, so much so, that my philosophy about competition has evolved to what I am sharing with you, now.

Stop trying to compete! Be yourself!

Know who you are, understand your uniqueness, offer what you are capable of offering. Be at the top of your game. There is no other in this world like you. There may be others similar as you but, they are not you nor do they have your uniqueness!

No one can offer this universe what you have to share with mankind!

Simply and confidently, tell the world how you will benefit mankind and help them prosper from your creation! Know yourself-your uniqueness-that will benefit mankind in a way no other can!

Simply present your uniqueness as a benefit for mankind to prosper.


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Why is sharing knowledge relevant and important?

Thinking about industrial or commercial perpetuity or the business of sustaining education; will they survive without transferred knowledge from parting workers to seemingly younger workers or, students whose minds have yet to develop?

Parting workers, usually elder workers, have spent likely decades in studying and analyzing concepts and procedures to facilitate production or movement within an organization that will be lost once they part with the company they presently serve.

Some have referred to this as Brain Drain, the absence of knowledge in the workforce once this exiting process is complete.

Often the parting worker is left with the unproductive activity of his knowledge, left to wither as if on a dying vine.

Elder workers are seen by the younger workforce as incapable of or lack the energy or knowledge, to be relevant today.

The irrelevance of the knowledge taken from the workplace, lies within the ignorance and minds of the younger worker.

Perhaps through ignorance, disconnection, ego or, some other adjective that describes the arrogance of disallowing shared knowledge. Intimidation comes to mind but, do younger workers lack the knowledge to understand themselves?

I understand the “Can Do” attitude that lies within the ego of the younger worker but, I also understand the lack of understanding in what the younger worker does not know.

It seems so simple from afar, to look back and see this all acting out in our understanding of the matter.

Unfair to the elderly, you say? Unfair to the consumer, you say? Unfair to the economy, you say?

I say, Unfair to Mankind!
So much has transpired in creating the environment in which we live today.

Hasn’t it been the result of the older workers’ contribution to mankind that has created this opportunity for us today?

That opportunity is whatever you wish it to be!

That is the contribution of the retiring worker. The opportunity that we glean today from the activities of others that have gone before us, was created by a mind that will no longer be available to us in perpetuity–lost forever.

Think about Albert Einstein and the many contributions to mankind he left behind for us to traverse to this point in time. Wouldn’t we be much more educated if his mind was still available to us? Of course!

And, in a way, his mind is still with us in that we have recordings of his accomplishments and contributions to mankind.

But, do we have the use of his mind today?

May we get a response from this learned mind for a present day equation needing to be solved? Of course not.

With this short essay about knowledge lost, I think we can see the value to mankind in retaining the minds of departing workers in that they will share their knowledge with us to facilitate the next great happening for mankind?

Capturing the minds of departing workers will create an environment and library of knowledge for mankind that will facilitate growth and development into perpetuity.

A departing mind, withering on a decaying vine, is lost knowledge, forever gone, never again to assist mankind in developing further.

Casting aside the minds that have created your environment, is counter-productive to mankind’s perpetuity.

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With the astounding victorious achievement of President elect Donald Trump, in the US National Election this past November, 2016, comes a growing concern for the people in our country who feel less-than in their daily lives!

Some may feel cheated, disenfranchised or simply forgotten by the government of the United States. Some farmers who feel the weight of toil for so little fear, the government has let them down. Factory workers who have lost their jobs feel angry because they feel their jobs were taken from them by a foreign worker in another country such as China.

These people all feel our government has let them down and, along comes mister Trump fueling their angst and promising them what they imagine will satisfy their hunger and desires for a better life. The government of the United States, up till now, hasn’t provided for them they feel but, mister Trump will he said and, they believed him. But, do they have trust in him this morning?

Mr. Trump already appears to be noncommittal in many of his campaign promises reversing on things such as, building a partial fence instead of that huge wall he promised everyone with the assurance Mexico would pay for it.

And, his promise to deport all illegal immigrants? Well, he has changed his mind on that too. Now he claims to deport only criminal immigrants.

Oh, what about Crooked Hillary? Well, she now seems less than a criminal and he will not pursue any legal action against her?

If you voted for Mr. Trump, are you feeling let down? His he a man of his word in your mind right now?

Mr. Trump is a person, regardless of his business acumen, who, in my opinion cannot be trusted to keep his word. He uses words to get what he wants, he doesn’t mean to keep them.

How can we trust him in the Oval Office?

Will our Allies, who already have their doubts about his trustworthiness, be confident in negotiations in matters of Global importance with this man?

At this point, and it’s only been less than one week since voting day, can we believe anything he says? About the rhetoric during the campaign? Well, if it hasn’t occurred to you yet, he was telling the large list of voters exactly what he knew they wanted to here.

Now that he’s been elected? Well, all of that rhetoric goes out the window; he didn’t mean one word of it. He fished us in and hooked us all.

His campaigning was all a well-choreographed act and well-orchestrated to get your vote. He’s a terrific salesman and we bought it all!

If we stop looking for others to solve our problems, if we take charge of ourselves and be more responsible for our actions, we will rid ourselves of self-righteousness and, with a growing confidence in ourselves, we will rid ourselves of the arrogance we display while relying on others to do for us what we can do for ourselves.

If we continue, as a populous with our arrogance and self-righteousness, we will lead ourselves into the hands of some despot or an autocrat who will destroy us and our country.

We must maintain our democracy by strengthening and reinforcing our convictions in ourselves and be more responsible for ourselves and our actions. We ought to be more autonomous and self-assured in our dealings with ourselves and show the world we are a self-actualized society, strong and independent as our forefathers were and who envisioned the same for us and our future society.

I believe in being responsible with our autonomy and confident in ourselves to thwart the attempt by a despot or autocrat to take us over.

Strength in ourselves is what they fear the most because, if we have fear in ourselves they have the fuel to make us burn!

Self-confidence, pride in ourselves, the willingness to stand up for ourselves and, strength from within is what we need for continued growth in ourselves and our democracy! Let’s rid ourselves of our self-destructive arrogance and self-righteousness so the world will see us as before, a strong friend they can count on.


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Does it not seem logical that before we join with another, as we flow towards our destiny, we must first learn to understand and trust ourselves?

But first, preparation is needed to make clear our murky waters.

We must crystallize our vision so we will clearly see the obstacles in our way towards our destiny. We must persuasively navigate around those obstacles with confidence and clarity of mind and spirit to reach our objective our, destiny.

We must learn to trust ourselves with the confidence our creator has given us to navigate towards our destiny.

We will accomplish our objective by liberating ourselves from false realities and the restrictions placed before us by past injustices.

We must examine those injustices and false understandings bringing forward those ideas of so long ago and apply them to today’s standards and thought and today’s realities.

In doing so, we will see clearly the meaning of those ideas as they apply to our objective, today.

Is it not about the choices we make?

The choices that we are making for ourselves today may be tempered by old and misguided ideas of a time long ago; the reality of which has no meaning today.

(Do we choose to use candles to light our way today or do we choose to use electricity to light a bulb that will give us light to guide us on our path?)

Our choices today must be clear and precise so that we will navigate towards our destiny with purpose and confidence while influencing mankind.

Liberating ourselves from old ideas and thoughts is necessary to make the optimal choice for ourselves today.

{I feel a responsibility towards mankind to have the confidence and persuasiveness in me to make the optimal choice for myself as I flow towards my destiny.}

Like a mighty river; humans have an origin and a destiny.

As the river flows, unencumbered towards its destiny, so shall man acquire the seemingly simple teachings of the river in combating obstacles before it.

Flowing towards its destiny, to the observer, the mighty river will teach mankind the wisdom of navigating obstacles with its destiny as the objective.

Have we not traveled towards our destiny without having been visited by conflicting currents and outside interferences and attempted contamination of our current as we flow towards our destiny?

Has our navigation towards our destiny not been interrupted by obstacles placed before us by well-meaning others? Have we yet to navigate around those obstacles placed before us?

How clear is your life and destiny to others when you choose to allow interference in your current flow towards your destiny by old and misguided false ideas?

Choose clarity and preciseness to navigate towards your destiny, only then can you allow another to share your current flow.

Be not controlled nor swayed by the dreams of others’; theirs is not yours!

Your victory is your destiny!



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Just how do we define ourselves?

  1. By the standards of others?
  2. By your own irrational tributes to yourself?
  3. By your accomplishments in life?
  4. By the praise you receive from others?
  5. By the praise you bestow upon yourself?

It is my experience that if you attempt to define yourself by the standards of others you will fail to reach a conclusion because “they “are not you! Others can only see things through their own eyes, not yours!

If you falsely praise yourself, you will not see your shortcomings and the need to repair them for your benefit and, the benefit of mankind.

If you attempt to count your successes as a definition of you, are you giving your powers and conclusion of self to someone or something other yourself.

If you accept the praise from others as defining who you are, are you running the risk of being as they define you to be and, not how you see yourself as being?

  • Is the praise you bestow on yourself real and not imaginary?
  • Can one define oneself by the deeds they perform for others?
  • The helping hand in the time of need?
  • Praise given selflessly?
  • Or, by the goodness in oneself, mentored by tireless mentors because they cared about you your character?

Are you prepared to move it forward?



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What direction do you want to grow your business?

Assuming of course that you want to grow your business, what position do you want your business to be in, in the big scheme of things?

What position do you want your company to occupy? Where do you want to grow your business?
Some know, some don’t!
Those who know may not know HOW to get to where they would like to be.
Some try, most fail! Why?
A lack of knowing may be it. A lack of drive may be another. The lack of a clear vision is most likely the culprit keeping your business from occupying the prominent place of choice.
With a clear vision and a Strategic Plan in place, the desire and drive to excel will get you to where you want your business to be! But, where do you start?
I am a practitioner in the psychology of business in that I will analyze your business, provide you with a solution to your problem (How and where to grow your business), implement the strategic planning necessary and, monitor the results!

Does that sound like a workable plan for your business?
I offer a FREE consultation that will give us the platform to move forward.
Call me NOW; 727-785-9554, bstb@bizotb.com. www.bizotb.com

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The SECRET to being a better Communicator!

Learn the art of Listening! 

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If swallowing a pill would help you make better choices in life and work, would you?
If you could easily swallow a pill that would help you make better choices in your life and business, would you do that?
If that pill would be the tool you needed to optimize your self-worth, wouldn’t you cherish that pill and use it often?
I’m sure you would! I know I would!
We all make some terrible choices from time to time and it seems, not at the best of times!
Instead of this imaginable pill, you more realistically had in your pocket the tool kit you needed to make those choices better, wouldn’t that be attractive to you?
Wouldn’t you want to have that tool kit?
What if those tools could make ALL your choices BETTER for you and more rewarding, wouldn’t you want to have those tools?
There is only one catch! You need to find the tools that will do as we just discussed! Oh, but wait!
The tools you need exist in the Survivor Power Tool Kit! And, the Eleven Motivational Power Tools you need to optimize ALL of your choices in work and life, from this point forward, are in the kit!
Never make poor choices again!
Always be confident that the choices you make are the best choices for you to make at that time and place, without reservations or doubt!
It is time to consider the Motivational Power Tools Workshop-a workshop that will change your life forever!
Check this out: http://www.survivorpowertoolsworkshop.org.
And, for more information and, to enroll in one of my workshops please,
call me direct at 727-785-9554.

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I was just wondering;

Are love and hate related emotions?

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Change Your Life Forever!

I will never have a bad day again, never! Something bad may happen to me during a day but I will not allow that to upset my happy day. I am in complete control of my happiness, no one else, present or in the past.
Survivor Power Tools and Workshop

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